Tips to Help You Move Smoothly

Tips to Help You Move Smoothly

Before you hire the moving company it is best to be prepared to move.  There are several ways to getting started with your new move.  It is always a good idea to start early.  Once you know you will be moving, you can begin to consider what needs to be packed.

Even if you will hire a moving company it can help to pack some of those items you prefer to pack on your own.  Typically homeowners have more items then they think they do.  If you start off with room lists for what you need to pack, this will help you obtain the amount of boxes you need and get you moved with ease.  Also consider what you need to get for your future place or where your items will go so that you have two room lists.

Room inventory is another consideration.  Go through your rooms one by one to see what types of boxes you might need for furniture, closet items and more.  There is a study out there stating a dorm room takes about four to five hours to pack, so consider what an entire house might require so that you leave enough time to pack everything.

Make certain you use a calendar to plan your packing days to ensure everything will be completed.  If need be, delegate with other family members and keep track of your progress to give the moving company a better idea of time.

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