Tired of the USA? Relocate Abroad

Tired of the USA? Relocate Abroad

There are some advantages to relocating to another country.  One of those is money.  It can be cheaper to live in certain locations.  Some US citizens have decided to move in order to take advantage of the benefits of saving money and living more comfortably than they do in the USA.  There are a few places that are considered to be the best places to retire.

Chiang Mai, Thailand has recently been extremely popular.  A monthly budget of $1,100 with monthly rent of $400 is all that is needed to live in Chiang Mai.  It is considered the most affordable place to retire.  It is even possible to find homes to rent outside of Chiang Mai for $100 to $150.  Most tend to want the more luxurious living at $400.

Las Tablas, Panama comes in second on the list with a monthly budget of $1,200 needed and rent at $400.  The Pacific Coast and Azuero Peninsula can make this country one of the best with regards to views and warm weather.  It is even possible to find a home within a few minutes of beaches for $400 a month.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Cuenca, Ecuador; Leon, Nicaragua; and Medellin, Colombia are the other four places to retire to for an inexpensive rent and monthly budget.  There are also plenty of locations to move in the USA for those who need to retire, but one will look at around $700 plus for rent.

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