Top relocation destination for business people

Top relocation destination for business people

Business Relocation DestinationIt has been reported that the top relocation destination for young business people in the United States is New York.  From a poll by a business based website, young entrepreneurs have highlighted that moving to New York is the most popular destination for business relocation.

Although New York was top of the list, San Francisco came a close second. Both cities upholding large finance markets and business exchanges, perfect for start-up businesses and companies within the technology industry. Although a move to San Francisco is far more affordable compared to a move to New York.

The cost involved in a move to New York compared to other cities can be very expensive. Homes in New York are not cheap, this inspires the entrepreneurs to opt to live in an apartment. This is the same for an office move to New York, it is important to find a cheap moving company.

Austin is third on the list with its reputation for an intense entertainment division and somewhat underrated financial and technological markets. The reputation of Boston’s education sector places the city in a successful forth spot, attracting many start-up businesses and technology firms. The cost of living in both cities rivals that of the expense of living in New York.

Whether these young business people are looking to move long distance or it is simply a local move, relocation to New York still lays top of the list among the poll of top relocation destinations for entrepreneurs.

-Lance Grooms