Top Ways to Cut Moving Costs

Top Ways to Cut Moving Costs

Moving to a new home can be something you have no choice in and it may mean a tight budget.  To make things a little easier the following tips are provided.  These tips may not fit every situation with regards to a move, but you may find you are able to set a budget and stick with it.

Make certain that you objectively go through all of your things.  If there are things you no longer use or need, do not move them.  You will find that the more you move, the more it will cost.  By cutting down on all the clutter you will be able to lighten your load in more ways than one.  After all, if you are using an exercise device as a clothing rack the chances are that you do not need to move it.

Schedule your move around peak seasons if possible.  Moving companies will have times when they are slower.  During these slower times it can be easier to go through with your relocation on a budget.  After all, they need your business to survive year round, so there could be a special deal you can get.  September to April usually is slower for moving companies, as this is the time when most do not want to move.  It is cold in parts of the country and the weather can be a factor.

Make certain you get a couple of quotes.  By obtaining more than one quote you can feel comfortable that you have chosen the right company.  Also keep in mind that not every company found on the internet is trustworthy.  Find a company that is part of the American Moving & Storage Association and the Better Business Bureau.

If you are like most people, you probably have some boxes lying around your home.  Use as much of the supplies as you have at home and then go out to buy what you need.  Another way to keep your moving budget small with supplies is to go to local grocery or big-box stores.  Big companies have tons of boxes every day.  They have a certain hour that they will take the boxes to the cardboard crusher, such as late at night when the staff are inside unloading the boxes to put on the floor.  It helps to have an employee that can help you grab them, and most managers will go in to the back and grab boxes for you.  Recycled box materials are also one way to go.

Moving valuation is another option that you might want to have.  It is an expense, but worth it if something goes wrong.  Obviously if it is a short move in the same city you may feel fine without it, but something can still be broken on a short move.  During a cross-country move or out of country move will be more of a liability and either way you’ll need to determine which options are best for your upcoming move.  Keep in mind that moving expenses can be deducted if you are relocating for a new job and for other reasons.  Check with your tax preparer or accountant to see if your move qualifies.

Jon Huser