Top Ways to Save Money While Moving

Top Ways to Save Money While Moving

There’s no doubt about it; moving can cost a lot.  Sometimes people just aren’t ready for the costs that can add up or the amount of money it takes to actually move, whether it is across town or across the country.  Knowing what you may be required to spend is an essential aspect of planning any relocation and can help you save money along the way.

1. Make a Moving Budget – Planning a moving budget is an important step in any move.  People who don’t prepare a relocation budget usually find themselves surprised at what they end up paying, and usually end up overspending.  You can set up a moving budget on your own or simply finding a moving budget calculator online.

2. Figure the Real Cost of Moving – Before you even start packing up your house, you need to find out where you will be spending money.  Knowing what everything will cost ahead of time will help determine how and when you move.  This will also help you create a moving budget you can stick to.

3. Figure the Money You’ll Need After You Move – Yes, you should definitely make a moving budget and know what everything will cost, but you’re going to need money after you relocate.  What will it cost to get your new home up and running?  These are hidden costs you might not think about – window treatments, cleaning supplies, and so on.

4. Decide on a Moving Company or a DIY Move – The cost of hiring a moving company  or doing it yourself really depends on when and where you will be moving.  Moving on your own may save you money, but you have to have the time and energy for all of the work involved.  Always weigh up the pros and cons before you decide on anything.

5. Extra “Insurance” – Insurance can bring about peace of mind, but it is something that you will need to consider on a personal level.  You may only need a certain level of coverage so research this aspect carefully.  Valuation coverage is what you’ll have the opportunity to purchase from the moving company, it’s not called insurance, but similar concept.

6. Renting a Truck – Hiring a moving company can be complicated, doing everythign yourself can be worse.  Before you rent a truck, you need to know what size you’ll need as well as if you will need any additional equipment.  However, a truck can be expensive, so do your homework before you rent the vehicle to minimize overspending.  Hiring a full-service moving company you will likely have a trained professional come to the location the items will be moved and a survey will be done.  From the survey a cost can be established and a written-estimate given.

7. Packing Supplies – It is possible to get some packing supplies for free – just visit your local grocery store or bookstore for extra boxes.  You may also be able to find great deals on other packing materials if you shop around.  If you’d prefer to save the hustle and bustle, have the packing materials and boxes shipped to you.

Jon Huser