Towns Where you can Earn a Lot

Towns Where you can Earn a Lot

Unemployment and recession worries have forced some families to move whether they want to or not.  For anyone looking to find a steady income that will pave the way to their future, the towns with the highest incomes may be your options.   The housing markets in these towns may not be ideal, considering the high price tags of homes, but you can be sure there are other towns nearby these great paying jobs with affordable housing.

Great Falls, Virginia

Great Falls, VA is on the list first as a great place to find a high income.  The median income in this small town of 8,000 plus is $368,000.  Home prices are around $1 million, but Virginia offers plenty of other towns where housing prices are more reasonable.  You might have to move away from DC and the suburbs of Great Falls, but there is definitely a chance to get a well paying job should you decide your current job or unemployment is not working out.

Hillsborough, California

Next on the list is Hillsborough, CA.  This has a slightly larger population at 10,500 and a median income of $320,000.  Home prices are more expensive here close to the bay area; however, California is known for its high priced homes.  Your goods might have to wait while you find a cheap remodeling project, but storage is always on hand if you want to move first, find a good home at a decent price, and get a job that could help you retire with ease.

Scarsdale, NY

New York can be a beautiful state.  It is not all about New York City, though; if you want a top paying job in a small town you might want to consider Scarsdale, NY.  It has a population of fewer than 20,000 with a median income of $250,000.  Homes are a bit upscale, but it might be worth the move.

Weston, MA

Weston, MA has just under 12,000 residents and a median income of $249,000.  It is a former farming town that has a rural and suburban feel to it.  As a place to raise children it might be worth a second look.  Home prices are high, but you might soon be able to afford it with the right job.  If not, you can always select a nearby location with better housing prices.

Moving does not have to involve finding a top location to earn money.  Sometimes it is more about being happy when you have to get out of your current city or state to find employment.  The suggestions above are there to help you find a more comfortable way to live should you find yourself struggling now.  Small towns have also become quite popular as moving destinations in recent years because of the high rate of crime in larger cities.  It is also about more than crime.  It is about getting into a small town where families can see each other and perhaps leave behind the crowds.

Lance Grooms