Training for an Office Move

Training for an Office Move

If you are planning an office move in the near future, a little training may make a world of difference.  It can save money and prevent frustration for the whole company.  Did you know that there is actually a university of office moving?  Well, there is and it is known as the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI).  The IOMI is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has been offering its services and regulatory efforts for about a decade.

A corporate relocation can cost quite a bit of money and proper training can help reduce these costs.  The IOMI offers a variety of training programs, seminars, techniques, project management methods, and business practices that companies like yours can take advantage of during an office move.

“Companies hiring movers and office building managers need to know that the trend points to the potential for lower quality and higher incidents of damage,” said Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute.

Businesses, just like moving companies, can also take advantage of what the IOMI has to offer.  Some of their programs for office moving training include:

  • Minimization of Building Damage
  • Minimization of Office Furniture Damage
  • Minimization of Computer and Technical Equipment Damage
  • Preparation and Planning Guidelines
  • Time Management
  • Information on Finding and Hiring the Right Moving Company

The IOMI offers a variety of training for moving companies, businesses, furniture companies, and project managers.  “When inexperienced movers trash their buildings, it only gives tenants another excuse to look elsewhere for space,“ Katz said.  There is no reason a company move has to be difficult or hurt the overall daily operations or production of a business.  With the proper training, the office move can go off without a hitch.

– Lance Grooms