Transferring the Utilities When You Move

Transferring the Utilities When You Move

Let’s be honest; there is no such thing as a truly easy move, but you can take measures to make the whole relocation as painless as possible. The main thing behind having an easy relocation is to remember the details. That’s why we always suggest making a moving checklist.

Dealing with the utilities in advance is a very smart thing to do. This can ensure your peace of mind and make moving day a lot more pleasant. So, what’s involved in transferring your utilities when you move? Not a whole lot, you just have to remember to do it!

When you move, disconnecting utility services in one place and connecting them in another can be quite a task. However, there are some simple rules to remember. Gas, phone, electric and cable/satellite companies usually have their own deadlines and logistics for disconnect and reconnect notification; a good rule of thumb is to remember to do it at least two weeks before you move.

It’s a good idea to keep the utilities turned on at your old house until you have moved that last box out. That way, if you or the movers work until after dark, or in the cold or hot months, there is plenty of light and warm or cool air inside. Also, have the utilities turned on in your new home a day or two before you actually move in.

Jon Huser