Two office towers planned for north San Jose

Two office towers planned for north San Jose

Samsung Semiconductor is intending to construct a big new campus consisting of two office towers, which would effectively triple the size of its existing office center and create hundreds of new jobs in San Jose.

The couple of ten-story high-rise buildings are to usher in a new kind of dense development for the north side of San Jose, which is currently a suburban area dotted with the occasional low-slung offices.  The towers are set to result in a more urban appearance and feel for north San Jose’s tech hub.

“We are outgrowing the buildings that we have,” says Samsung Semiconductor spokeswoman Chris Goodhart.  “We are going to tear down the buildings on the site.  During the construction, we will move to a temporary location for a couple of years.”

Samsung has around 300 employees currently working at West Tasman Drive and North First Street.  In total the new campus will be 650,000 square feet, which creates the potential for more than 600 new employees to work there.  When the new campus has been completed, Samsung also intends to move its local development and research operations to the site, which presently houses sales operations.  Local city officials have been attempting to encourage development in north San Jose with the cutting of a number of fees that are normally charged for new projects.

If Samsung’s plans are approved, then the technology company could begin construction as early as the middle of next year.

Lance Grooms