Tying Up Loose Ends with Roommates

Tying Up Loose Ends with Roommates

Dealing with the aftermath of an emotional split with a roommate can be draining, but it is important to remember the practicality of it.  When you or the roommate moves out, there are plenty of loose ends that need to be tied.  Here are some things you need to keep in mind when a roommate moves out.


Monthly Bills and Expenses

If each of you pay a share of the monthly bills and expenses, sit down and discuss how you will settle the final bill once one of you moves out.  If the split is not amicable and the bills are in your name, you will want the roommate to pay his or her share in advance before the move.

The Deposit 

Did you pay a deposit when you moved into the apartment?  If the apartment is in your name and you’re the only one on the lease, it is unlikely that your roommate will need to pay any part of it.  However, if you split the deposit when you moved in, you must decide whether the roommate will receive his or her half when that deposit is returned.

Is there Joint Property?

 It is important to discuss who gets what and how to split things up fairly if you made any purchases together.  Often, a roommate moving out may not need all the furniture they helped pay for.  Offer to pay their share for pieces you’d like to keep.

Jon Huser