Ultra-Luxe Beach House in Montauk

Ultra-Luxe Beach House in Montauk

Who wouldn’t want to move to the beach forever?  Unfortunately, some of us can only relocate to the shore for a quick weekend in a rental, but we can always dream.  But, when it comes to the ideal beach house, what do you think of?

Many of us think of the traditional beach house on stilts, and not much of an architectural design.  However, there is no reason a beach house has to be boring.  One of the most interesting beach houses in the U.S. happens to be in Montauk, New York.  Montauk is a swanky beach town that some of us can only dream about moving to.

Architect James Biber knew that a beach house could be impressive, so impress us he did.  He designed a 7,400 square foot modern compound with four bedrooms and six bathrooms.  The Montauk mansion isn’t cold or uncomfortable, either.  It has a welcoming guesthouse and the main house is a cozy 5,000 square feet.  Ready to move to the beach?

The views are equally impressive.  The compound is situated on top a 75-foot bluff that looks down on the Montauk shoreline.  Fantastic views may make anyone staying at this house as a guest want to move in permanently, we are sure of it!

Other features include a gourmet kitchen, a step-down living room, and a large dining room.  Additionally, the house has radiant heating – an energy-efficient system that warms the floors and other surfaces rather than the air.

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