Underprivileged Households to get $10 Cable Broadband in 2012

Underprivileged Households to get $10 Cable Broadband in 2012

We have some interesting news to report: various cable companies recently announced that they will be soon offering high-speed internet service to households that also qualify for free or reduced school lunches for about $10 a month. The offer is scheduled to start in the summer of 2012.

The Federal Communications Commission wants to have more homes connected to the Internet via broadband and is therefore moving pretty quickly. Currently about 35 million residences don’t have broadband – that’s about a third of the population.

Why is it so important for so many homes to have access to high-speed internet connections?  For one: the economy. The internet is one way for people to educate themselves, look for jobs, and even maintain employment. This move may actually end up helping the country’s economy, according to some experts’ beliefs.

Part of this program is an initiative called Connect-to-Compete. This initiative will sell computers with Office software for just $250 to qualifying families and households. Another firm, Redemtech, will be selling refurbished machines for just $150. If those prices are still too high, Morgan Stanley will be offering a microfinance lending program to help bridge the gap even more.

So far, all of the major cable companies support this $10 offer, which will be in place for at least two years. Obviously the price doesn’t include tax, but there won’t be an installation or modem rental fee. This means that no matter where you move, if you qualify for this offer, you can take advantage of it.

We think that this is a move in the right direction; what do you think?

Lance Grooms