Unreal Estate, Anyone?

Unreal Estate, Anyone?

We thought you might like a little offbeat real estate news.  Getting ready to move or putting your house on the market can be stressful, so we wanted to share a story that might lighten up your day.

Remember back in May when everyone thought that the Rapture was going to take place on the 21st?  Since we’re all still here, looks like it didn’t actually happen.  But, if you’re in the market to move into a rapture bunker, you’re now in luck!

Since the world didn’t actually end a couple of months ago, the manufacturers of the so-called rapture bunkers are really reducing their prices.  Since Harold Camping (the preacher who has wrongly predicted the apocalypse a couple of times now) got it all wrong, the luxury bunker prices have dipped by as much as 500%.

The fire sale may be too good for someone looking to move into a bunker – for a doomsday that may or may not ever come.  A couple of months ago, leading right up to May 21st, these bunkers were selling for about $50,000 each.  Today, you can get your hot little hands on one for just $10,000.

Since the Mayan apocalypse is due to happen next year – on December 21, 2012 – you might want to scoop up one of the bunkers while you can.  We’re betting that as the next forecasted end of the world date approaches, prices will begin to rise once again.  Get moving, everyone!

Jon Huser