US military moves in Africa revealed

US military moves in Africa revealed

It has been revealed that military moves in Africa have been ongoing when it comes to operations to root out any members allying themselves with al-Qaeda.

In the US bid to stop terror, the military moves have been throughout the Middle East and Africa to find the last remaining groups who would act against the US in a form of terrorism.  The commander in charge of the relocation of troops for these operations stated that they have collected information across Africa recently by setting up ‘spy’ hubs for US troops to move around for the short term.

The information about relocation of troops to Africa was given in a bid to clarify what is going on.  It was announced that African nations in which the US military has been moving around did give permission.  In fact the US does get permission from any of the host countries it intends to visit, or has visited in the past, to make certain that it is not upsetting the governments in charge while it tries to find any remnants of terrorist groups hiding out.

The war in the Middle East in such places as Iraq did have some al-Qaeda members hiding wherever possible, including in some African nations, which means some of the leaders are still alive.  It is worrisome that they may gather strength in numbers again to create troubles for locals who wish for peace and for America, which is a huge target for these groups.

Lance Grooms