US Postal Service Struggling to Make Ends Meet

US Postal Service Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Do you always remember to fill out your change of address form at the post office when you move?  If you’re like a lot of people, that might be something you forget until the last minute.  The change of address form allows your mail to be redirected to you during that transitional time between moving addresses and updates.

Could you imagine a world without mail?  It’s probably not that hard given that email, text messages, and the Internet have become such a big part of our daily lives.  Sure, you can have your monthly bills emailed to you rather than schlepping to the mailbox everyday.  Sure, that makes it easier when you move – no need to change your mailing address, but wouldn’t you miss getting mail sometimes?

It has been reported that could be what’s in store for the USPS, which is looking at the second year in a row of losses.  It has been speculated that these losses come from increased use of the Internet and the loss of revenue during the country’s economic slump.  In other words, people aren’t buying as many stamps. So, the mail system as we know it may be moving in a different direction– maybe even non-existent.

Post officials are worried that they will be out of cash by the end of this month and will soon exceed their borrowing limit.  Reportedly the USPS is addressing Congress to discuss a major change in operations – perhaps cutting more than  jobs and eliminating Saturday services.

But, in the meantime don’t forget to fill out your change of address form when you move.  The USPS is still up and running.

Lance Grooms