US reaches deal with Afghanistan

US reaches deal with Afghanistan

A deal has been reached with Afghanistan and the US.  America has been an ally to the government as well as on the ground with the US military.  It has been stated in the new deal that the military move will not take place, but rather that it will remain in Afghanistan until 2014.  It will be this year that most of the foreign forces, including the US military, will have to relocate out of Afghanistan.

The US exit agreement states that American forces will remain slightly after the deadline.  The government will also offer financial help to the country to help its security forces strengthen.  The government in Afghanistan wanted to show that the US is not retreating or stepping back in its aid, but rather that it is going to pull out slowly and remain allies.

The goal is to keep the partnership that has been built in the last few years.  There is a shared goal of making the country safe from extremists and al-Qaeda.  The Afghanistan government supports this goal too, according to representatives.

The US has been at war for ten years now trying to stop the Taliban and al-Qaeda from wreaking havoc throughout the Middle East and other areas.  The agreement that has been worked out is still going to be reviewed before both countries’ presidents sign it.  US military moving has occurred where some have already pulled out, but there are still quite a few troops around to help locally.

Lance Grooms