USDA Campaigns to Stop the Gypsy Moth

USDA Campaigns to Stop the Gypsy Moth

In an effort to kick National Moving Month off right, the USDA launched a campaign to stop the spread of the gypsy moth.  You’re probably wondering what the gypsy moth has to do with May- National Moving Month, right? Well, the gypsy moth spreads from location to location primarily by hitching a ride when people move!

One thing you can do, or your movers, is before you close up that moving truck, look for any moths that may have snuck in.  Because the gypsy moth is such a problem, the U.S. government is getting involved.  The gypsy moth has actually changed the landscape in about 19 U.S. states as well as Washington, D.C. since the 1860s.  The moth actually can defoliate an entire area!

That’s exactly why the USDA is hopping onboard this fight against the invasive gypsy moth.  They’re urging anyone planning on moving to help make sure the nasty little bug doesn’t infest any more states.  Here’s how you can help when you are getting ready to move:

  • Check out your outdoor household goods like grills, lawn furniture, camping gear, and so forth for any egg masses.  You’ll find these in the spring and summer.
  • Remove the egg masses with a putty knife or a stiff brush.  You can dispose of them by placing in hot, soapy water or in a plastic zip-lock bag.

Because gypsy moth infestation is such a problem across the country, the USDA is actually requiring people moving from an infested area to a non-infested area to provide an official certificate of inspection on all outdoor household things.  So, to find out how to get this certificate, visit before you move.  If you have hired a moving company, the driver of the van should have a certificate handy.

Jon Huser