Use Internet to Hook Up Utilities

Use Internet to Hook Up Utilities

Utilities onlineDo you remember the days when you had to spend countless hours calling the utility companies before and after a move?  It doesn’t matter if you move across town or across the country; relocation requires a certain amount of disconnecting existing services and hooking up new.  Well, the Internet has made this relocation task a lot easier.

Most utility companies offer the ability to sign up for service and close existing accounts through their websites.  This saves countless hours of working with customer service and is already a great time-saver.  This is something you can do anytime of day – before or after work.

If you are moving and do not want to go to the trouble of contacting each individual utility, there are new services online that help you set everything up all at once.  These services also allow you to compare all the options and prices before you actually relocate.

Regardless of when you decide to move, or when you access the Internet, there are a couple of things each service will require.  For example, you will need to provide your new address and when you plan to move.  That way, there is very little lag time between when you move and when your new services go live.  In fact, you can often choose to have your utilities hooked up before you even arrive, so no more waiting all day for the representatives to show up!

– Jon Huser