Valuable information about storage

Valuable information about storage

Storage facilities have always been a good solution to the problem of offices and homes that need to be de-cluttered, or a very convenient method for storing possessions on a temporary basis during a period of relocation to a new home or office.  At the moment the great majority of storage facilities offer leases on a monthly basis, which means that their tenants are able to store their goods for as short or as long a time as is necessary.

While storage facilities are a solid and safe option in various circumstances, it is a good idea to be aware of some facts before you choose a storage facility and move in all of your valuable goods.

Predetermining the size of the storage unit space that you will need prior to packing your possessions in order to move them into storage is absolutely essential.  A lot of people try to save money by choosing a storage space that turns out to be too small for everything that they wish to put in it, and they fail to realize this until they have already moved in half of their possessions.  The sales reps from most storage facilities will have the knowledge to be able to assist you in choosing a unit of the size that is right for you.

It is also very important to make sure that your unit is properly organized.  Items that you are least likely to want access to should be placed at the back of the unit, as should the most valuable items to aid with security.  In order to make the most of your unit space you should pack the largest boxes with the sturdiest and heaviest items, and then place them in the storage facility first.  You can then begin to stack the lighter and smaller boxes on top of these larger boxes.

Climate control is something else that you need to think about.  Think about how valuable the belongings that you are intending to put into storage are.  Items made from particular materials may be more likely to sustain damage because of climate conditions.  Storage units that are climate controlled are the best solution to avoid problems caused by climate and extreme temperatures.

Security is another very important feature that you need to be certain of when hiring a storage facility.  Security cameras, the manner in which your storage unit can be accessed and night lighting are all things that you should ask about, as well as any other security precautions that are taken by the storage facility.

Before you make a final decision to use a storage unit, you should check how accessible and convenient it would be for you to get to and use.  Is it immediately accessible from the moment you enter the property, or is your unit situated on the third floor? This can be a factor if you are storing heavy items such as household furniture.

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