Venture into the Volcano House

Venture into the Volcano House

What are the chances we’ll ever move to the moon? Probably slim to none in our lifetimes, but who is to say our kids won’t be little Mooninites? If we do end up settling on the moon, architects might want to take a closer look at the so-called Volcano House in Newberry Springs, California. It’s pretty unique to say the least.

As you probably know, California has a wide range when it comes to terrain. Beaches, mountains, deserts, and everything in between grace the home of Hollywood, Redwood forests, and numerous wineries. Many people move to California for the perfect weather. So, the terrain inspired Harold Bissner Jr., an architect based in Pasadena.

Plopped on top of a volcanic cinder cone in the moonlike landscape between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, we get the Volcano House. The house has three bedrooms and three bathrooms – the perfect size for a small family to move in – but is also built in a volcanic area. Do we feel a certain level of risk-taking here?

The house consists of a concrete truss dome, tempered glass walls, and a pretty cool observation deck right on the roof. Built in 1968 as a weekend retreat, the house is currently for sale for about $750,000 – not so bad if you want to move in right away. Oh, and the lot size is pretty desirable – 60 acres isn’t so shabby.

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