Veterans going back to school for jobs

Veterans going back to school for jobs

Veterans who are unemployed are able to go back to school.  There is a federal program designed to allow out of work military veterans to return to school and get back into the job market.

Many individuals join the military for four years so that they can get an education and a job after they serve; however, some veterans have made a career out of being in the military, which means that they have some great skills but not necessarily something in the regular job market.  According to studies, about 27,000 veterans are unemployed and are interested in the VRAP program.  The program started on May 15th and will be promoted until every slot is filled.  It is hoped that there will be 45,000 slots in a year.

Veterans who join this program may need to move after they graduate from the retraining for job placement.  Given the current unemployment market, it can be a good idea to look around outside of the individual’s home state and move if a job becomes available.  This is because jobs are hard to find no matter who you are.  Even if you have plenty of life work experience, it can still be hard to get a job in many industries.  Retraining can also help only so much, so relocation should be expected for these veterans if their area does not have any openings in their expertise.

Thankfully there is bow an option for veterans to become employed, given the training available and the potential relocation for jobs.

Lance Grooms