Victoria Beckham lonely after London move

Victoria Beckham lonely after London move

Victoria Beckham wants to devote time to “rebuilding friendships” this year.  The singer turned fashion designer made a move back to the United Kingdom, along with the rest of her family, after husband David’s contract with the US soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy came to an end.

While the relocation has left Victoria happy to be home in her native country, it has also apparently brought home to her that she is in need of some more female friendships.  “Victoria had a handful of close friends in LA – she’d get invites from other soccer wives and have play dates with a group of Hollywood mums,” the British edition of the magazine Closer was told by a source.  “But back in London she feels a bit friendless.  She’s determined that this year she’ll try to relax work and focus on her personal life and rebuilding friendships.”

Victoria and David Beckham have four children together and Victoria’s fashion business has been going from strength to strength; however, while she has always been proud of the fact that she puts her family first, she is now beginning to realize that some other areas of her life could do with some attention.

The source claims that despite her successes, Victoria sometimes feel like a failure on account of how few real friends she has. The fact that she has not yet fully resettled into London life has emphasized how some of her old friendships seem to have fallen by the wayside.