Vincent Gallo Wants Too Much for LA Loft

Vincent Gallo Wants Too Much for LA Loft

Apparently even star power doesn’t always help you know how to price your house when listing it on the market.  Vincent Gallo, director and actor, is moving out of his downtown Los Angeles loft.

The loft is quintessentially downtown L.A.  Just like his films, the apartment is gritty and rough.  Have you seen Buffalo ’66 or The Brown Bunny?  If so, you’ll think that the grittiness of the downtown L.A. apartment fits right in with his oeuvre.

Boasting almost 1,700 square feet, the loft serves as both a living and workspace in a Toy Factory building.  The main problem is that Gallo is asking almost $700,000 for the place, which is quite high for the neighborhood.  It doesn’t look like Gallo is planning on moving the price any lower, either.

According to a recent listing for the loft, it is described as a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom loft with an owner that is willing to finance up to 70% of the sale.  Looks like Gallo really wants to move out of the building!

As you probably know, real estate is always about location, not who owned the house previously.  Maybe Gallo doesn’t know this.  Truth be told, the two-story loft probably has a lot of potential for someone wants to move into the downtown L.A. area.  With 18-foot high ceilings, a gym, a pool on the roof, and a fireplace, it really does have a lot to offer.

Jon Huser