Visiting Your Home After a Fire

Visiting Your Home After a Fire

If you’ve suffered the tragedy of a house fire, as you start to rebuild your life, you may want to visit the site of your damaged home and attempt to salvage as much of your stuff as you can. you will need to relocate temporarily – or permanently if the house is utterly destroyed. Let us help you get started.

The most important thing to remember, as you move through the damaged sections of your home is to be smart and safe. Remember, the house can be dangerous, especially if there is severe structural or electrical damage. It is a good idea to wait until the authorities have given you the “ok” to go in.

Mentally prepare to enter your home as it will be difficult after a fire has destroyed it. If you know where your electricity, gas, and water meters are, sketch it out on a sheet of paper to act as a map. You may need to turn these off. Do all of this during the daytime.

Moving through your home after a fire has destroyed it, will be hard, but you need to remember to record the visit. Use a camera or a video camera – borrow one if you need to. You’ll need to wear protective goggles, gloves, and good shoes. Bring large, strong plastic bags for anything you might be able to salvage and take with you.

A house fire can ruin lives – and take them, too – so if no one was injured in the fire, be thankful. Though many of belongings may have been lost in the fire, you can try to salvage what you can and move on with your life. If you need to book a storage unit, your insurance company may help to foot that bill.

Jon Huser