Want to Live in a Socialite’s House?

Want to Live in a Socialite’s House?

Ah, Paris Hilton – famous just for being famous.  Well, it’s worked well for her for the past few years, so why knock it?  And now, the socialite and heir to the Hilton hotel dynasty is making news once again – indirectly, that is, in moving news.

The home she sold in about 10 days in 2007 is back on the market – for rent.  So, if you want to live where Paris Hilton once lived, get ready to move to Hollywood, California!  You may actually know this home from the many news stories and paparazzi photos of Hilton when she made those infamous jail trips a few years ago.

Hilton moved out of the house in 2007 and sold it for $4.25 million.  It is a 1920s Spanish-style home and the current owners want to rent it out for $20,000 per month.   The house also has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and sprawls out over 3,000 square feet.  The old-world Spanish look to the exterior is quite charming but the inside is all about old Hollywood glamour.  There’s also an outdoor BBQ, canopies, and a pool.

Back in 2007, Hilton got pretty lucky moving that house off the market so quickly – right in time because the housing bubble went on to burst shortly thereafter.  Though we’re not sure of the current price, the home has probably depreciated since the last sale, which is why the owners want to rent it out rather than sell it.

Katie Steil