What About Rocky Mountain Arsenal?

What About Rocky Mountain Arsenal?

Have you ever heard of Rocky Mountain Arsenal?  It is an area in Colorado that covers about 15,000 acres.  The expanse is short-grass prairie just outside of Denver.  The area of Rocky Mountain Arsenal was the home of American Indians before they were forced to move out of the area.

Just after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the government turned the Rocky Mountain Arsenal area into a chemical weapons production facility.  Later, down the road, Shell Chemical produced pesticides in the area.

Despite these dangerous activities, new houses were built in the Rocky Mountain arsenal area.  It was only years later that the government confirmed that the area was highly contaminated.  The contamination was so bad that the area would eventually become a Superfund site.

Today, the only things moving to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal area are bison, coyotes, deer, and bald eagles. But, they won’t be buying homes in the area.  If you want to move to Colorado, the area surrounding Henderson, Colorado is quite nice.  The small town of 3,000 people has a median home value of about $120,000.

While no one really wants to move right into the heart of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal area, the surrounding areas are really quite nice.  So, if you haven’t visited the area but are thinking of moving, now is the right time to take a look!

Jon Huser