What Am I Responsible For Once I Hire the Movers?

What Am I Responsible For Once I Hire the Movers?

Well, your homework is done.  You’ve done the research and interviewed the movers, settling on the ideal company.  But, now that you’ve found the moving company, what are you responsible for?

Believe it or not, you do have some responsibilities when you move, in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Be There

One of the most important responsibilities you will have during the move is to be present.  This means you need to be there for the estimate in order to ensure a proper estimate and understanding.  You also need to be there when the movers pack up your belongings if you have special requests.  Additionally, you’ll also need to be there when the movers load up the truck.  It will be during these times that you will need to speak up if you think something isn’t right.  A professional Moving Company will know what to do with prior instruction; after all they do moves of all sorts, all the time.


If you’ve got any high-valued items that you don’t want to even risk losing, you need to take responsibility for them.  That means packing and marking items such as antiques, crystal, china, and jewelry yourself if you prefer.  You may also want to keep these things directly with you.

Double Check

Once everything has been packed and loaded into the moving truck, you will be asked to sign an inventory list.  So, you really need to be aware of everything that you are moving.  Remember; only sign that inventory sheet if it’s filled out and you’re absolutely sure your items are properly accounted for.

Jon Huser