What are the Worst Airline Seats?

What are the Worst Airline Seats?

So, you are planning a big trip to a hotel with top-notch rooms and classy layouts.  But, how are you going to arrive at your destination?  Most of us travel by airplane, whether it is for pleasure or business.

When you travel by air, there are some things you should keep in mind when booking your flight.  For one, do you know what the worst airline seats are?  It is something you should know, especially if you are going to be on an especially long flight before you arrive at your final destination.

The First Exit Row

If you can avoid purchasing a seat in the first exit row on any plane, you’ll thank us.  Remember, on many aircraft, especially the 737 and A320, the seats in the first exit row do not recline.  If you will be on the flight for an hour or less, this may not be a big deal.  But trust us, you’ll be unhappy if you get stuck in one of these seats no matter how luxurious your room is when you arrive.  Seats in the second exit row are usually fine.

The Last Row

Try your best to avoid the last row on any airplane.  These seats are closest to the restroom and are often the noisiest.  If you plan on getting any rest before you arrive at your top-notch room, you’ll want a seat as far up front as possible.  Oh, and if you can’t stand waiting to get off the flight, the last row is the last group off!

So, whether you are flying because you are relocating to a new home or simply traveling for work or fun, make the most of your trip by avoiding the worst airline seats ever!

Lance Grooms