What Color Homes Sell Best?

What Color Homes Sell Best?

If you want to sell your home fast, don’t paint it blue.  The color of your house will definitely attract people or not, so if you need to move and sell your house fast, the color really does count!  Real estate experts tell us that the more neutral the exterior colors of your home, the faster it will likely sell.

The secret to painting your house to sell is to go mainstream.  What does this mean?  In order to move your house onto the market, you want to appeal to as many people as possible.  So, if your house coloring is slightly obnoxious, get rid of it.  And remember, what you think is beautiful others may not; so flip through the pages of an architecture magazine every now and then.

According to experts, the best color schemes are neutrals.  The most widely appealing exterior color schemes tend to be light greens, creams, and light browns.  Brash colors can be off-putting and may even cause potential homebuyers to keep on truckin’.

In an effort to help get your house on the market, we’ve compiled some tips for you.  Keep reading and you might be moving out of that old house even sooner than you thought!

  • Keep up with the Jones’.
  • Does your part of the country have a particular theme?
  • Earth tones generally rule.
  • What are builders of new houses doing?
  • Your front door can leave a lasting impression.

Katie Steil