What Do iPods and Thermostats Have in Common?

What Do iPods and Thermostats Have in Common?

So, tell us right away – are you a geek into technology or someone who just loves gadgets?  Well, to tell you the truth, it really doesn’t matter.  We’re about to tell you about a new little gadget that might actually blow your mind!  Since we’re in the dead of winter, we thought you might like to learn a little bit about that nifty little gadget that helps keep you warm – your thermostat.

Up until late last year, most people probably didn’t give too much thought to their thermostat.  In fact, the thermostat may very well have been the least exciting and uncool (pun intended!) aspect of any home – unless, of course, you were moving into an extremely energy efficient home.

A good thermostat can actually save you a ton of money.  In fact, when moving into a new home, many environmentally conscious people take a look at how efficient the thermostat in the home actually is.  Many homeowners hoping to sell their houses and move out are also upgrading to greener options but, generally speaking, most people don’t give much thought at the thermostat.

That is until recently.  Thanks to a guy named Tony Fadell, the thermostat just got a lot hotter (ok, pun intended this time too!)  Fadell, a former executive at Apple, basically thought traditional thermostats left a lot to be desired.  In a word, he thought they “sucked.”

So, what did Fadell do about these terrible devices?  He made a new one.  A thermostat that people will simply not recognize right away.

These new thermostats are attractive, easy to understand, and affordable.  In essence, if you use one of these ‘new’ thermostats when you move into a new home, you’ll find that they are the exact opposite of traditional thermostats.  The thermostat hadn’t actually changed in decades – in fact, more than fifty years!  Most homes, both new and old, featured the original thermostat design introduced by Henry Drefuss in 1953.

But, we’re moving into the age of technology.  Fadell embraced this.  He took what he knew from working with Apple and applied it to the thermostat.  His goal was to design something that is easy to use, automatic, and simply looks good on your wall (or wherever it may be!)

Here’s where the iPod comes into the game.  It’s fun to look at your iPod.  It’s a sexy little gadget that lets you watch movies, listen to music, and do so much more.  So, Fadell decided to integrate the functionality of a thermostat into the iPod, and vice versa.

The product is the Nest Learning Thermostat.  It is sleek and totally modern – the perfect addition to that new super-modern house you’ll be moving into, no doubt!  When the AC is running, the screen is a crisp, cool blue.  When the heat is on, the screen changes to a warm, glowing orange.  If no one is nearby, the screen goes dark.

So, if you are upgrading your house because you want to sell it and move out, maybe you should spend the $250 on this new type of thermostat.  It may just give your home that extra edge you’ve been wanting.

Lance Grooms