What is an Interstate Move?

What is an Interstate Move?

Are you getting ready to move?  As you plan your relocation, you may have heard plenty about interstate moves.  So, what is an interstate move?  Basically, an interstate move is one in which your goods are moved from a location in one state to another.

In most cases, an interstate move is governed by the rules laid out by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).  Interestingly enough, an interstate move is any relocation that involves the transportation of goods across a state line.  That means that it is to another state; as long as you cross state lines, you are doing an interstate move.  And, the mode of transportation doesn’t really matter – you can transport your stuff via plane, train, or automobile… and we’re not making a movie reference.

As long as your stuff crosses a state line with the help of a moving company, it will be governed by the FMCSA, as mentioned above.  But, it is important to remember that only the portion handled by the movers will be protected.  It also boils down to the intention of the move.  Choosing the proper valuation coverage will help to insure your items at the proper cost/value of your items being moved. 

If you are planning on a move, you need to be sure whether or not it is an interstate move.  Knowing what kind of move or relocation you are embarking on will definitely help you make decisions throughout the whole process to make you better prepared when moving day comes.

Lance Grooms