What Not to Do on Office Moving Day

What Not to Do on Office Moving Day

Make sure you plan your office moveIf there is anything you should know about moving your office, it is that it can be a long, complicated process.  If a corporate move isn’t done properly you will lose money, productivity, and your business may even be out of play for a significant amount of time.  None of that is what any business owner wants.  We don’t want that to happen to you, so we’ve put together some things you should definitely NOT do on office moving day.

First and foremost, you should never – ever – let your office staff do the work instead of hiring a reputable corporate moving company.  This is the biggest mistake you cannot afford to make during a commercial move.  In fact, if you are thinking of having your office staff do the move for you to save money, you may find that it might end up costing you more than the movers!

So, what could happen if your office staff does the move for you?  One thing you can expect is damaged equipment.  Equipment damaged during a move can be a costly loss.  Another, even more costly loss, is the injury of employees during the move.  Just think – if someone gets hurt you’ll be paying for his or her medical care.

In order to have a successful office move, you really should consider hiring a professional moving company.  Though you will be paying for their services, you won’t be paying for damaged equipment or injured employees.  In fact, if the movers do damage anything, they will cover the cost for the repair or replacement.

Jon Huser