What Packing Supplies Will You Need?

What Packing Supplies Will You Need?

Everyone wants to save time and money, especially when it comes to relocating.  So, how do you do that, exactly?  One way is to scout out your local stores and see if you can swipe up some boxes for the move.  Another way is to make sure you have a good moving checklist and plan the entire relocation right down to the last detail.

Moving Kits

Do you really need a moving kit?  If you haven’t moved before, a packing and moving kit might be just what the doctor ordered.  These kits can be bought online or at your local moving company and include everything you might need for a particular room or an entire household.  Always do a little comparison-shopping to see if you would save more money buying a kit or each item a la carte.

Specialty Boxes

Most people can get by during a move with the basics – tape, labels, markers, packing peanuts and paper, and plenty of boxes.  But, if you have some awkward-shaped items or antiques, you might actually need some specialty boxes. Specialty boxes will help protect items like mirrors, artwork, lamps and antiques from getting damaged during the move.

Those Nice-to-Have Items

There are some things that you might like to have during the move, but aren’t really necessary.  For example, most people can get by with just a roll of packing tape and a pair of scissors instead of a box cutter and tape dispenser.  However, these ‘nice-to-have’ items might make the move a little easier:

  • Tape dispenser
  • Box cutter
  • Pre-printed labels for the boxes
  • Packing peanuts
  • Bubble wrap
  • Stretch tape
  • Inflatable bags
  • Mattress covers

The best way to determine what you really need for the move is to make a detailed moving checklist and household inventory.  That way, you’ll be better prepared to find your packing supplies!

Jon Huser