What People Equation Does Your Company Have?

What People Equation Does Your Company Have?

Does your company have a people equation?  Do you even know what that means?  All too often we see managers tracking productivity through things they feel they can track – inventory, logs, and numbers.  But, what about measuring the meaningful stuff that contributes to productivity?  For example, do you see your employees as people?

Confused?  What human resource managers are now trying to do is look at both the measurable and the meaningful when it comes to looking at their company’s performance.  The shift is from “people or performance” to “people and performance.”  Managers must learn how to harness the power of their people.

So, how can managers achieve this goal?  Making the workplace a pleasant place to be, for one.  Another way is to offer suitable employee relocation packages that make coming onboard a little sweeter.  A tailored relocation package is usually helpful for making the transition to the new job – or for an employee that needs to relocate for a transfer – a little smoother.

Some human resource managers are now employing the idea of the “people equation.”  One typical example is S=PTC, or Success = Purpose, Talent, and Culture.  Your business’ people equation can be anything along these lines.

Just remember, a happy employee is a productive one and vice versa.  Managers must remember to translate their employee’s well-being into performance for the company.  Whether this is through small perks throughout the year, a really good relocation policy, or something in between will depend entirely on your business.

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