What People Forget When Moving

What People Forget When Moving

If you are relocating chances are there are probably a lot of things on your mind.  In the midst of all the stress, you are likely to forget a few things along the way.  Having a checklist of things to keep in mind when moving is always a good way to stay on track throughout the entire relocation.  Here are some of the things people most commonly forget when moving.

•    Transferring the utilities.  Don’t forget to have the utilities turned off in your old home and transferred to your new house before you move.  With enough notice, you can have this done to coincide with move-in day.

•    Hiring movers.  If you can’t deal with the relocation on your own, you need to hire a moving company.  This should be done well before your actual move.  It is a good idea to schedule movers at least a month in advance.

•    Label your boxes.  Don’t forget to label your boxes!  Forgetting to label your boxes can be one of the most frustrating yet seemingly harmless mistakes.  Clearly labeled boxes mean the difference between an easy move and complete chaos.

•    Save money.  A lot of money goes into moving.  You’ll need to buy supplies, pay the movers, and even pay for transportation.

•    Eating and Sleeping.  Moving takes a lot out of a person and there is so much to do.  Don’t forget to eat three meals a day and get plenty of sleep.  You’ll be glad you did!

Jon Huser.