What to Ask Before Shipping Your Car Overseas

What to Ask Before Shipping Your Car Overseas

Moving overseas can be exciting and a wonderful opportunity for you, but what do you do with your car?  Many people choose to store their cars if the move is just temporary, but if you are moving for a somewhat more permanent period, you may want to consider taking your car with you.

However, there are plenty of things to consider when shipping a car overseas – how much it might cost, vehicle restrictions, and repair concerns.  The questions we’ve listed below may help you decide whether you want to move your car or leave it in the United States:

  • Will you be moving to a large city?  Will you even need a car in your new town?
  • Are you moving on a budget?  Can you afford to ship your car internationally?
  • Is it more cost-effective to buy a new car in your new country than it is to ship your current vehicle over?
  • Is your steering wheel on the correct side of the car?
  • Are there import tariffs associated with shipping a car into the country?
  • Will you be required to obtain a new drivers license?

After asking yourself these questions and finding out the answers, you may find that you do not need (or want) to ship your car to the country in which you will be living.  Many people do find that public transportation is quite easy to use in larger European cities, as well as in other nations.  It will just depend on where you move, what your budget is, and your personal preference.

Jon Huser