When is the Best Time to Move?

When is the Best Time to Move?

Just think about it….Moving anytime of year can be hard, but if you have a flexible schedule and can move on your own timeline, there are some factors that can make the entire relocation a little easier.  If you are being transferred or starting a new job, these factors can also be worked into the overall negotiation.

The Best Time

Many moving experts say that the spring or late fall is the best time to move.  During these periods it is easier to find and hire moving companies.  Rental companies also have specials during these times.  If you are moving on a budget, you may want to avoid weekends, the first of the month, and summer time.

What about School?

If you’ve got kids in school, it may be best to think about their school calendar.  The summer time is ideal to move between semesters and give your kids a chance to say good-bye to their friends.  Try to avoid moving too close to the end or beginning of a school year.

Holidays and Special Occasions

It is never a good idea to move during major holidays or special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.  These events are usually a good time to do good-byes and final get-togethers.  Moving during the holidays can cause a lot of extra anxiety, however during the holidays can be a good time for moving company availability. 

The Seasons

Just like travel, there are peak seasons for moving.  Check with your moving company to see when these times are.  Summer is always extremely busy and certain days can cause and increase in pricing.  Always be sure to get your estimate in writing so that it is binding. 

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