Where You Should Move in Maryland with the Family?

Where You Should Move in Maryland with the Family?

There are plenty of places to move in Maryland, if you are so inclined. So, if you are moving to the state with your family, where’s a good spot?

If you haven’t already given any thought to College Park, Maryland, add it to your short list today! College Park is home to the University of Maryland. The town was founded back in the late 19 th century (1880s to be exact) and is just outside of Washington, DC. That means there are quite a few college students moving to the area, but also plenty or people who commute into our country’s capital.

College Park is a great place to move with the family, as it has plenty of history attached to it. Part of the town belongs to the Calvert Hills Historic District and there are a number of historic sites throughout the area. Did you know that the oldest continuously operating airport in the world is the College Park Airport?

Of course, if you are moving with your family and have children in school, you need to know about College Park’s school options. Many families move to the area specifically for the schools –four high schools, three middle schools and four elementary schools comprise the district.

Some brief statistics for you about College Park:

  • Population – 26,167
  • Median Family Income – $83,749

Jon Huser