Which Packing Supplies Do I Need?

Which Packing Supplies Do I Need?
I need Packing Supplies, But What Do I Need?

When you move, you probably want your things to get to your new house in the same condition in which they left the old house, right?  In order for your stuff to make it through the move without a scratch or dent, you’ve got to start with a good packing list.

Sure, you can pack your valuables in free boxes from the local market and wrap your dishes in newspaper, but do you really want to spend all that time double-wrapping and washing once you unpack?  Buying the right moving supplies to start with, will likely buy you peace of mind.

Go ahead and take a look through your house.  Are there any items that might need specialized packing?  Do you have any particularly awkward or fragile items that might be difficult to move?  Make a list of these things and take their measurements.  Take this with you when you buy your moving supplies.

You can buy packing supplies from just about any moving company or office supply store.  For the best prices, you might look online.  And remember, even if you are hiring a moving company to load the truck and transport your belongings, you might be doing your own packing.  So, ask the movers you’ve selected about what you might need – they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Here is a quick list of some packing supplies you’ll likely need for a 5-6 room house:

•    20 small moving boxes
•    11 medium moving boxes
•    10 large moving boxes
•    5 extra-large moving boxes
•    5 wardrobe boxes
•    1-2 electronics boxes
•    5 heavy duty boxes
•    Unprinted newswrap
•    150 ft. bubble wrap
•    Permanent Markers
•    Sealing tape (5-7 rolls)
•    Specialty boxes for your unusual items

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