Whoopi Goldberg Selling Farmhouse

Whoopi Goldberg Selling Farmhouse

Who wouldn’t want a Vermont farmhouse to settle into for the winter holidays or a quick weekend trip away from the big city?  Well, it looks like Whoopi Goldberg is over New England and is moving on.  The comedienne and co-host of “The View” has listed her gorgeous home away from home on the market.

Goldberg is now asking $2.3 million for the four-bedroom, five-bathroom home, recently reduced from its original asking price.  The house offers plenty of privacy and actually sits on 745 acres of land, which means you won’t have any neighbors too close by once you move in.

The house itself is huge and ideal for a growing family.  Built in the New England colonial farmhouse style, the house is massive with spacious screened in porch and a pleasant patio.  The views all around are pastures, so watching the sunset or sunrise in perfect serenity will become a reality for anyone moving to this part of Vermont.

Inside, the house boasts exposed wooden beams for a nice rustic touch.  Wooden countertops are present across the kitchen, which leads into an open living space.  The hardwood floors remind you that you are in a farmhouse with a kickback to the good old days.

In addition to the house, you get all that land.  On that land comes a couple of barns and plenty of fenced fields.  This could actually be a working ranch.  Surrounded by plenty of trails and mountains as well, who wouldn’t want to move in right away?  No one said you actually have to be a farmer.

Katie Steil