Why Clean Out Your Closet?

Why Clean Out Your Closet?

Even though we are well into summer, there’s always room for a little “spring cleaning,” if you ask us!  This is especially true if you are getting ready to move to a new house.  Why not clean out your closet now to save yourself the trouble of moving a bunch of stuff you don’t need to your new home?

You might not be moving to (or living in) an area that requires a seasonal swap out of your clothes each year, but it is a good idea to clean out that closest anyway.  Ultimately, you may want to do so just to expand your personal storage space.  Want to know why?  You’re in luck – we’ve got a list!

Clothes last longer if they aren’t crammed together.  So, get rid of those things you haven’t worn for ages!

  1. Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit.  That way, you’ll feel better about opening those closet doors everyday.
  2. Repair anything that has a minor rip or tear that can be mended – it might just seem like you got a new garment for free.
  3. Inspect clothing for stains and get them cleaned right away.  Otherwise, you might have to throw them away.
  4. Make a little extra money for your move by selling clothes you don’t ever wear.
  5. Cleaning out the closet means more space to put things away!  This means a cleaner room, which might end up helping you sell your house a little faster.
  6. Get rid of wire hangers to preserve the life of your clothes – it will save you money in the long run.
  7. Cleaning out the closet means getting rid of mildew and mold – who wants a nasty closet smelling of mildew?

Jon Huser