Why Teach in Los Angeles

Why Teach in Los Angeles

Like many states, California has a shortage of teachers.  So, the state is appealing to many professional educators to pack it up and move to California.  Right now, it doesn’t look like there are too many incentives to get teachers to move to the state, but that may change in the near future with budget revitalization.

What you can consider when thinking about moving to Los Angeles is that there is near perfect weather all year long.  In fact, there are about 329 days of sunshine each year.  And, you have the best of both worlds – the mountains to the east and the ocean to the west.

Cultural diversity is commonplace in L.A.  With more than 3.7 million residents, the city is actually known as the Pacific Rim’s cultural center.  Just think about it – people have moved to Los Angeles from more than 140 different countries, speaking more than 92 different languages.  How’s that for diversity?

Because Los Angeles is home to so many people, there are plenty of schools.  Los Angeles county schools are some of the best in the country, though like any other county, they do have some schools that present more of a challenge.  As a teacher, you may be interested in relocating to one of those schools in order to really make a difference.

L.A. doesn’t need just elementary, middle, and high school teachers.  With about 20 different universities plus 80 colleges and trade schools in the greater Los Angeles area, higher education thrives.  But, these institutions also need instructors.

So, if you can see yourself living in California – Los Angeles in particular – consider moving to the state and working as a teacher today.

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