Why Tiny Kitchens Rock

Why Tiny Kitchens Rock

Moving into a smaller house is always an adjustment and acclimating to your new, tiny kitchen will definitely take some getting used to.  In fact, a tiny kitchen can make cooking a challenge, but embrace it!

One of the most common myths when cooking is that you need a lot of space.  Sure, if you have a lot of counter space, a couple of sinks, and six burners on the stove you can come away with a culinary masterpiece.  But, you can do all that with your small kitchen as well.  So, moving into a smaller house doesn’t have to hurt your gastronomic adventures.

A tiny kitchen almost forces you to transition into a greener lifestyle and more eco-friendly cooking, whether you like it or not.  Here’s how:

  • In a tiny kitchen, you naturally reduce your waste.  You just won’t be able to store as much as in a larger kitchen.  With a lot of storage space you might overbuy or overstock.
  • If you have a small kitchen, you may become a much greener cook.  How?  Without a large oven or stove, you may want to do a little more outside grilling.  Get a solar-powered grill and make the most of it.
  • Because you will have less storage space, you’ll likely buy less pre-packaged foods.  That means that you’ll be eating healthier and fresher foods.
  • Smaller kitchens are easier to clean!

Lance Grooms