Why, When, and How to Move Your Business

Why, When, and How to Move Your Business

With careful planning, moving your business can be rewarding and stress-free. But, how do you know when it is the right time to relocate your company?

Moving your business is a big deal. So, if your office space is just getting too small or the rent is getting too high, it might be time to find a new location. Businesses might move for any number of reasons – growth, budget, or proximity to customers or vendors (or both). But, when a business moves, there are also a number of repercussions. Employees may balk at a longer commute. Customers may not find the new location convenient.

There’s no doubt about it. Moving your business can be a logistical challenge to say the least. There will be pitfalls. Perhaps the ideal location just isn’t wired for Internet service. Or, a vendor you’re planning on moving closer to has decided to relocate.

When you’re moving a business, there are three simple keys to success.

  1. Be realistic about what your company can afford – so make sure you’ve got enough money. Sit down and plan your budget.
  2. Do all of your homework before settling on a particular location. Is it safe enough? Will customers be able to find it easily?
  3. Plan the move. Break down all the responsibilities and categories for your staff – include everything ranging from things such as the snacks in the break room to the change of address.

Prior to the move, schedule your Internet and phone service to be set up before everyone arrives. This way, on moving day, computers and phones can be set up almost immediately. Oh, and make sure that both work before everyone starts working in the new location!  A certified office moving representative will be able to help prepare you and your staff for a smooth move.

Jon Huser