Why You Need a Good Landlord

Why You Need a Good Landlord

What makes good customer service – a quick response time, easy communication, easy payment plans, and the occasional thank you?  Sure!  And did you know that many landlords actually provide good customer service?  You can avoid the nightmares so many people have told you about.

So, if you are looking to move into a rental, you should definitely take some time to screen your prospective landlord.  Why?  You don’t want to move into a property only to find out the person who is responsible for making repairs and solving problems couldn’t be bothered.

But what makes a really good landlord?  While making it easy to move in can be a big help, it goes way beyond that.  Good landlords are good managers.  Here are some good qualities you might want your landlord to have:

  • Compassion During Tough Times – Everyone has tough times.  A landlord that will work with you when times are tough is someone you want to stay with!
  • Great Service and Respect, Always  – A good landlord will offer good service and plenty of respect, no matter what.
  • Helpful – Good landlords are there to provide a helping hand when needed.  No, they don’t have to help you move in and out, but they should be a phone call away.
  • Rewarding Good Tenants – A decent landlord might consider rewarding good-paying tenants with a discount or some other perk.

As you can see, a good landlord is a great thing to have!

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