Will Las Vegas tourism be affected by rising gas prices?

Will Las Vegas tourism be affected by rising gas prices?

With prices at the gas pump continuing to spiral, resulting in Americans all but emptying their wallets just to be able to fill their tanks, an expensive holiday is often the first thing that has to be struck off the family budget. With food prices having already been affected by the rising cost of fuel, it is just a matter of time before other factors hit the tourism industry in Las Vegas too.

As yet, however, the movers and shakers in the Las Vegas tourism industry are not too concerned, with many not seeing the move upwards in terms of fuel prices having much of an impact at all on their bottom dollar. Most believe that unless gas prices reach truly astronomical proportions, their businesses are unlikely to suffer any real adverse affect from the rises.

It remains an undeniable affect, however, that rising gas prices tend to result in people beginning to cut back on a number of luxuries, including travel, meaning that Las Vegas might well see a decline in air travel too should the situation continue to deteriorate.

Some fear that higher gas prices could have a particularly adverse impact on startup airlines that serve Las Vegas, which would then result in a rise in airfares. This scenario is only too plausible given that it has occurred at other times in the past. Those on a tight budget are recommended to expand their search for flights to smaller regional airports.