Will the Military Ever Review the DP3 Program?

Will the Military Ever Review the DP3 Program?

Have you ever heard of a Program Efficiency Review?  If you work in the moving or storage industry, you probably have.  If you don’t work in those industries, such a review program will help review all aspects of the DP3 business and rules program when it comes to relocating.

By the way, the Department of Defense actually moves more than 500,000 service members and their families every year, spending up to $2 billion to do so.  So, it makes sense that a review program should probably be in effect.

Though the talks of such a review program started back in March 2011, officials have assured moving and storage industry professionals of plenty of notice when changes are made.  So far, no real changes have been made to the DP3 Program.

Will this affect your relocation?  It might if you are in the military and have received orders to move to another base.

Moving is hard.  Moving for the military can be even more difficult.  This is especially true when you must move overseas.  Do you know what to expect?  Are you ready to move?  What about your stuff?  Will you take it or do you need storage?

As soon as you receive your relocation orders, it is time to figure things out.  Will you have a DIY military move or will you hire a moving company?  Just remember, the government does have a budget to cover many, if not all, of our moving expenses.  Keep those receipts!

Rick Wozniak