Winslet and Rocknroll move to Sussex

Winslet and Rocknroll move to Sussex

Kate Winslet and her new hubby Ned Rocknroll have apparently moved into their brand new marital home located in Sussex in the United Kingdom.  The couple wed last month in a small ceremony held in the actress’ adoptive home town of New York, but are now believed to have made a move to a house worth $2 million situated close to Midhurst in West Sussex.

The Argus claims that Mark Bridger, Winslet’s uncle, has confirmed the news regarding the couple’s relocation.  “It is in Sussex and it is near Petersfield, near the Hampshire border, but I do not know what it is.  Her parents did not know she had got married, but I am not allowed to say any more.”

The Titanic actress and Rocknroll, who is Virgin tycoon Richard Branson’s nephew, are rumored to have had their honeymoon in Scotland, while Branson is said to have given the newlyweds the gift of a trip into space.

Winslet’s marriage was a closely guarded secret, with even her parents unaware that it had taken place.  Winslet’s co-star in Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio, gave her away, and only a few friends and members of her family were present at the ceremony.  Rocknroll is Winslet’s third husband, following her marriage to Sam Mendes, director of the latest James Bond movie Skyfall, with whom she bore a son, and Jim Threapleton, who is also a director, with whom she had a daughter.

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