Winter Storm May Batter Seattle

Winter Storm May Batter Seattle

Seattle is about to get whipped by a winter storm!  So, if you have recently moved to the area or have lived there a long time, you should definitely know what’s going on.

A major winter storm was headed to the Pacific Northwest region on Tuesday evening and is expected to stay through Wednesday before moving out for the end of the week.  Experts believe that the storm may dump over a foot of snow on the area.  In some mountain passes, there may be anywhere between two and four feet!

Some schools were already canceled on Tuesday in anticipation of the massive storm moving in, but city officials may also close schools on Wednesday as well.  Residents will need to see just how much snow they get before anyone can determine what the rest of the week will bring.

Mayor Mike McGinn has made several announcements urging residents to be prepared in case of getting snowed in or loss of power.  Some residents fear a ‘megastorm’, while others take it pretty lightly.

One thing is for certain, if you move to the Pacific Northwest, you have got to be prepared for extreme weather.  That means having access to a generator, plenty of reserve drinking water, and canned foods for emergencies.

Do you live in the Seattle area?  Have you just relocated there?  Are you ready for a winter storm?

Lance Grooms