Woman Aged 101 is Evicted From Detroit Home

Woman Aged 101 is Evicted From Detroit Home

Believe it or not, a little old lady was evicted from her house of almost 60 years in the southwest part of Detroit earlier this week.  Texana Hollis, 101, was forced to move out because her 65-year-old son, Warren Hollis, simply didn’t pay the mortgage.

As you would expect, all of Hollis’ belongings were moved out of the house and placed outside.  Shortly after the event, Hollis was taken to the hospital due to disorientation.

So, why was a little old woman and her senior citizen son evicted?  Basically, Warren didn’t pay the mortgage bill for a few years and then just chucked the eviction notices in the trash.  He also didn’t tell his mother because he didn’t want to upset her.

We think that the shock of having to move out of your home of more than 60 years might be a little upsetting!

In 2002, the Hollis family took out an adjustable-rate mortgage.  In November of 2010, a default and foreclosure notice was filed.  Today, the Hollises owe more than $80,000 on the house.  County records show that the family was up-to-date on property taxes, however.

Both Texana and Warren Hollis have moved into a rental house across the street from the home they were just evicted from, though this is likely only a temporary move.  A few local non-profits are working to help the Hollises move back into their original home.

Perhaps the one thing we can all take away from this sad story is to not ignore any foreclosure notices or bills from the bank.  Otherwise, you could find yourself moving out of your home whether you like it or not!

Lance Grooms